Covid-19 Support Service

What we are doing for the community during Covid-19 and local lockdowns

Our charity has responded efficiently and moved fast to set up a Covid-19 support service both internationally and in the community which is already helping 100s of people in central Halifax and surrounding areas. We have been carrying out immediate and early action in the community for over 5 months now and have made plans to continue support for the next 4-6 months. The knock on effects in our community has been critical up to now and we have received an unprecedented number of calls from those who have been moderately affected to those severely distrupted by the crisis and lock-downs.

Some info about our Covid-19 support services and food bank – which is now in to its fifth month and how we have used our initiative to expand our services due to the growing needs of the community. We have sent out flyers via social media and our director has been on Phoenix FM radio broadcasting the service. In addition our service is advertised on the hospital wards, the councils disability support directory as well as on the local food bank listing. We came together to deliver this pilot scheme with a cluster of organisations including JMAH Halifax on Hopwood Lane with our Charity taking the lead – due to the unprecedented need and being inundated with requests and support we have pledged to carry on our work amidst the crisis. This is something no one expected and certainly wasn’t fully prepared for, hence its vital now more than ever to work together and network to make a difference from the small things by offering a support service to a larger scale by delivering vital food and improving mental well-being and piece of mind.

Update - August 2020 - Update - February 2021

AlAjar has committed itself by putting all other projects on hold and dealing and focusing its work on the crisis to build a stronger community by supporting people at the earliest stage. We’ve set up the Covid-19 support service on the back of supporting our weekly soup kitchen which we’ve been running to tackle local homelessness & poverty problems.

We have started to run our sports and activity sessions outdoors – allowing us to utilise the outdoor spaces and parks which enables our young people and youth to participate within social distancing guidelines and effectively combat the stress and mental difficulties that are now playing a part 6 months in to the pandemic restrictions.

We continue to network closely with partners and Calderdale council to ensure health and safety is not overlooked.

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