Pakistan Orphans

Al-Ajar Orphans

Our latest project, The Al-Ajar Orphans Project, is allowing us to work closely with Orphanages in Pakistan and now Morocco to help give orphans a great start in life.

We’re working directly with Orphans, which is allowing us to keep our Admin/Overhead cost to a minimum. 

We’re also a non-for-profit organisation and all our staff are volunteers ensuring 100% of your donation goes to what you donate.

What your Contribution is doing

Every child deserves to be happy and have a healthy childhood and the opportunity to build a brighter future. For many of the 140 million orphans worldwide, this is simply not possible and they are trapped in poverty.

You can give a vulnerable orphan the chance to break out of poverty for just 50p a day.

Your sponsorship helps provide nutritious warm meals, clothes, healthcare and education.

The orphans project aims to foster and sponsor on a full time basis and not just put them into an orphanage where they may feel alienated, rather, we put them into a home with a loving family where they are provided with food, medicine, clothing and fundamental education, allowing them the best start in life.

Qasmim Khalill Ahmad - 5 years old

Abdul Wahid - 8 years old

Noor ul Huda - 9 years old

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