Saturday School

The Al-Ajar Saturday School has been running for a good number of years, going from strength to strength.

It was one of the first classes to start at the launch of ‘Al-Ajar Foundation’. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, this class has been running for over 9 years, with many students benefiting every weekend.
The class covers topics including Arabic, Seerah, Tafsir, Translation of the Qur’an, stories from the companions amongst many other options.

The class has exams every few months with awards given to the best students. The students also enjoy days out to theme parks and other events.

Scroll down below to see all thats been happening at Saturday School!

As well as providing the highly popular Islamic Education which is both relevant & appealing, we also offer the Sporting Opportunities programme, and the Al-Ajar Young Leaders Programme. This is a diverse programme for all young people at various levels.

Al-Ajar Foundation has an atmosphere that inspires and heightens peoples’ experiences whether they are using the social facilities or attending one of the many beneficial daily/weekly classes

Saturday School Events and Activities

Education and Sports

Events organised from the Classroom, including community cleanups and more

Umrah Pilgrimage Trip

Organised by Al-Ajar Foundation, students and staff went on the Holy Pilgrimage of Umrah

Condover Hall

During the summer holidays  over 30 students went to Condover Hall on an ‘Al-Ajar Summer Retreat’

Incentive Trips

Here at Al-Ajar Foundation, we believe that Students and Staff should be treated to rewards. We aim to put trips on every year as a minimum and is generally run after the Saturday School Annual Exams

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